Delivery Policy


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Shipping costs and duration

Orientation values for shipping costs and duration can be found in the following table. Exact shipping costs are determined and displayed during the ordering process, as they can depend on many factors (e.g. shipment size and / or weight, destination country, etc.).

Destination country




1-5 work.days

0,- €

AT Austria, BE Belgium, LU Luxembourg, NL Netherlands

3-12 work.days

8,99 €

DK Denmark, CZ Czech Republic

3-12 work.days

9,99 €

IE Ireland, PT Portugal, IT Italy

3-12 work.days

11,99 €

FI Finland, SE Sweden, FR France, PL Poland, SK Slovakia, SI Slovenia

3-12 work.days

12,99 €

ES Spain, LV Latvia, LT Lithuania, BG Bulgaria, RO Romania, EE Estonia, HU Hungary, GR Greece, MT Malta, CY Cyprus

3-12 work.days

14,99 €

GB Great Britain (United Kingdom)***

5-15 work.days

14,99 €

LIE Liechtenstein***, CH Schweiz***

5-15 work.days

19,99 €

All other countries not listed above

10-35 work.days

39,99 €**

* Information about delivery time as specified by the shipping company. International deliveries can also take several days (e.g. due to customs clearance) and depend on the respective destination country. NOTE: In times with exceptional regulations (e.g. Corona Pandemic), the delivery time can be extended by a few days without prior notice.

** additional costs are possible (e.g. customs duties, import tax, etc.)

*** If necessary, shipping and customs clearance via (details see below)

Dispatch preparation and dispatch

Orders are sent after successful payment (with prepayment) or after conclusion of the payment agreement (with payment on account). The standard processing time is 1 working day.

After or directly before the shipment, the buyer will receive a shipping confirmation by email and usually a tracking code for online tracking.

Seller can determine a shipping company depending on situation to ensure fast and safe delivery.

The seller is entitled to make partial deliveries if this is reasonable. Additional shipping costs occure only if agreed separatelly.

A collection of the goods at the buyer location is not possible.

Shipping to DHL Packstation (only for Germany)

Shipping to DHL Packstation is possible. Please enter the delivery address as following (PS=Packstation):

First and Last Name

Your post number

Packstation (in the street field) PS-code (in the house number field)

PS post code + PS city

Deliveries to Switzerland and Liechtenstein

In order to enable faster and safer shipping to Switzerland or Liechtenstein, the seller can at his own discretion send parcels via shipping partner Paketdiscount.

Shipping via Paketdiscount takes place in two steps. In the first step, the seller sends the package to the German store Paketdiscount (the buyer will be given the tracking code for this shipment and the order will be marked as shipped in the seller's system). In the second step, Paketdiscount contacts the buyer for customs clearance. After completing the customs formalities, further deliveries are made by the national post of Switzerland or Liechtenstein.

Important: Customs formalities and handover to Swiss Post are processed by Paketdiscount. As soon as Paketdiscount receives the goods, the buyer will be sent a letter with the invoice for Swiss VAT and customs clearance costs in accordance with the specifications of the Swiss price supervisor (you can find out more about this from the relevant authorities or at By paying the customs costs in advance, the buyer saves the additional costs, otherwise FR. 23, - would be incurred additionally for cash on delivery + registered mail.

For further details on shipping to Liechtenstein see